About Us

TannicTongue has a mandate to promote wines from small producers who would otherwise be unrepresented or unable to exist in the Washington DC market.  There are many mergers occuring constantly in the wine  world; as a result, family owned wineries are forced out of the scene, making way for larger wine producers to corner a greater share of the market.  We aim to maintain diversity of choice in the wine marketplace by ensuring that the hobbyist producer remains represented in local restaurants and retail establishments; this is, after all, why we choose to visit small wine shops.  For the family-owned wine producers, we are their champion!

Dr. Shafi, who holds a PhD in Experimental Nuclear Physics, founded TannicTongue with the intent of helping to keep alive the tradition of hobbyist winemaking.  He has been involved with the wine trade for many years and currently resides in the Washington metropolitan area.